Relax eye pads - product that fit your needs - AlNada

For easier maintenance of focus in guided meditation, as well as in all relaxation techniques that are operating in the lying position, often in areas insufficiently isolated from the sounds and light from the environment, the full use of the relax eye pads is helping you to isolate yourself from the outside world, provide a feeling of ease on the eyelids but also soothe the aromatic lavender aroma.

AlNada Relax Eye Pads also can be used as a cosmetic accessories. If you use them as a cold coating previously cooled down in the freezer for 30 minutes, they can reduce the pronounced dullness and neutralize the redness of the face caused by the enlarged capillaries. Used as a cold coating, they help to repair small swelling on the face and body.

Eye pads filled with linseed makes a pleasant facial massage and light acupressure of the zone around the eyes. Sometimes it is enough to hold them for about ten minutes to make your face shine again and get refreshed.

If they are heated in a microwave oven (but no more than 2 min), they can serve as a natural medical device against various pains. Our customers have had positive experiences with the reduction or complete cessation of a headache after the application of AlNada relax pads as a warm coating. They help alleviate a toothache, or pain caused by poor circulation in the muscles. They are heated, especially effective in neck pain, which we all experienced and are the result of long-term seating in front of computer and phone screens.

Relax eye pads consist of an outer case that can be removed because it closes with narrow tweezers with tape and inner pad made of pure cotton and filled with organic flax seeds and dried lavender flowers picked up at the moment when the level of essential oils reached their maximum, which guarantees long-lasting scent. The exterior of the pads is made of silky, smooth materials, pleasant to touch and in a wide selection of interesting prints and patterns.

As with the creation of the entire AlNada product range, and eye pads can be created in standard sizes but also tailored to your desires and needs.