How do I order products?

When it comes to frequently asked questions, the ordering method is one of the first. You can order by selecting a product. By clicking on the “Add to Cart” button, the product will be placed in the cart, after which the website will guide you through a simple and intuitive ordering process. By clicking on the link, you can read the detailed shopping guide or call us on the phone number.

What are the ways of delivery?

Every ordered product we can deliver you with courier service on the wanted address. Courier service is 250 din, while orders above 15.000 din. are free.

What is the delivery time of the ordered items?

Delivery time is up to 5 days from the date of order confirmation. The courier delivery goods every working day until 19:00h

What are the payment methods?

It is currently possible to pay by courier service only in dinar value. For more information on how to pay, learn more on the following link.

Can I order items from another country?

Currently, ordering is available only in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, except in the territory of AP Kosovo and Metohija.