Bag for yoga maths - high quality handmade yoga bags - AlNada

Everyone sees yoga differently. For someone yoga represents exercises for strengthening and shaping the body. For someone use the opportunity to relax and meditate. Someone starts listening to inner voice that recognizes deep-seated emotions. But for everyone,with no exceptions, time spent on yoga is the time you dedicate to yourself. And we often forget that we deserve it.

In the textile workshop AlNada we started to create a yoga program: yoga mats, yoga bag, yoga pillows, relax eye pads. Wearing yoga mats can be complicated if you do not have a bag. Since we couldn’t find anything we like, the logical choice was to start creating our own yoga bags.

Yoga bag is there for easier wearing and protection of your training pad. The most important feature of a good yoga bag is practicality. The mats should be easy to put on and practice. That’s why our yoga bag has a zipper cover all over length. We place straps on the bags whose length can be adjusted, for easier wearing. All AlNada yoga bags have an inner setting, which strengthens them and prolongs their durability. There is an internal or external pocket for the phone or some small things. Some customers have told us that our bags are so nice and practical, they use them instead of a purse.

Like the entire AlNada program, the yoga products are unique. That means when you buy our yoga bags, you can be sure that no one else has the same. Because in production we use materials that we paint, materials that we procure on every trip abroad, materials on which we print labels and samples of your choice.

From those functional to those that are a fashion accessory, all yoga bags are made to fit your needs. Easy way to Zen mode with AlNada unique products and handmade yoga bags for yoga mats.