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One of the most important rooms in our living space is the bedroom. And that’s not because we spend a lot of time there, yet because it is often our only escape from everyday stress and problems. A place where we share the intimacy with our dearest people or simply, enjoy in relaxing, squeezed into warm blankets, with a favorite book in our hands. And that’s why you need to give it attention, to beautify and adorn it. To turn it into our oasis of peace and tranquility. And in order to achieve this, we do not have to plaster it every time we want a change. It’s much faster and cheaper to get decorative bed covers, custom-made, which fit into the design of the room.

We use the best materials for making bed cover: cotton, satin, silk, plush and hand-painted textiles, which we combine with decorative elements such as silk cords, satin ribbons, lace, tulips, silk tassels…

AlNada bed covers have a coffin filling and a surface decorative stopper that prevents fiber compression so that even after long use, they retain the original appearance, as well as a set that prevents slipping and falling of bedspreads from the beds, and can also be used as a warm blanket if needed.

The choice of colors, patterns, and materials are great, so everyone can find what suits him the most.

Our handmade decorative bed covers not just making your room beautiful, they also protect your bed from dust and crumple.

It is not necessary to emphasize that all our bedspreads are unique and that you also get 2 decorative pillows. They are made in the same style and with the same material as the bed cover.

Decorative covers are made in standard sizes that suit: double beds, single beds, king size beds as well as baby cribs.

But, in the textile workshop AlNada, we are gladly accepting the challenge for making bed covers for non-standard dimensions and shapes.