Yoga cushions - different shapes, dimensions and patterns - AlNada

When you start practicing yoga, one of the first challenges you face is staying in a yoga position for a long time. To overcome this barrier, yoga pillows and cushions can be of a great help. With them, the body relaxes and adjusts to the required position. They provide support to the body during exercising but also help with relaxation.

This is especially characteristic of a special yoga style called restorative yoga. There is not much stress in that positions, but the goal is to relax our body and relax with the use of various props, primarily yoga pillows. The positions used in this yoga style are lying or sitting, designed so that the body is supported by specially designed support pillows, so-called bolsters.

First of all, this includes longer or shorter roll cushions, which you should bend under the knees, along the spine and below the neck when you are in a lying position. One of the comfort position is the position for the goddesses and gods or the lying butterfly. To feel like the gods in the workshop AlNada we make yoga bolsters in different lengths and diameters, always adapted to your needs.

Next are the straight yoga pillows, not too high (max 10cm thick) to support the shoulders and hips when taking the so-called reverse positions. One of the most famous such positions is the shoulder on the shoulders or candles.
A comfortable seating position or Sukhasan becomes even more comfortable if you use AlNada half-edged yoga cushions, or those round, which raise your hips slightly above your knee level and thus extend your staying time in this position.

Yoga pillows are made of different materials. Of natural, the most common is cotton pad, whose slightly rough texture extends the life of the pillow, which is especially important because they are intensively used. A great contribution to the durability of the AlNada cushion for yoga gives high-quality filling, which keeps the shape and shape of the pillow for a very long time. We make them in different shapes and sizes, depending on their purpose.