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When celebrating we gather around the table with family and friends. The gathering is more beautiful when the table is nicely decorated and full of delicious food. Hosts need to make the food, but for decoration, we are here for you.

Textile art workshop AlNada has a wide range of textile for table decorations, primarily tablecloth, decorative tablecloth, plate platter, canvas napkins, and napkin rings.

All our decorative tablecloths are handmade sewed, from quality cloth, easy to care. Mostly we use damask and brocade, as well as modern materials with teflon fiber which “refuses” stains. The most wanted materials are jacquard weaves, which have a little bit relief structure, but also smooth as satin, which is soft, silky and smooth on touch. With the addition of lace, decoration ribbons, thrum, and cord, AlNada tablecloths are becoming a unique pieces of textile that will decorate every table. Our products can also be a nice gift for young couples who just started to live together in their new home.

Often we make sets for special occasions such as celebrations, weddings, and baptisms. In those occasions, we coordinate color and textile from which are made tablecloths with rangers and taverns, napkin design and rings for napkins with a tablecloth. We also offer other decorative elements, such as bow ties and satin for tablecloths, decorations and candle holders, flower arrangement and wreaths made of natural materials for the center of the table, crystals, shells, and little stones, depending on the chosen theme and talk the story of your choice or idea.

AlNada tablecloths are made to decorate and protect every table. Since everything is handcrafted, dimension and shape of tablecloth can be adjusted to the size and shape of each table as well as your specific requirements, but, of course, we also sew the tablecloths in standard sizes for round and rectangular tables.